National Textbook Phase 4 – OFF Biennale 2015

“National Textbook” Phase 4 2015-05-18/05-23 Budapest
Date of the workshop: 18-21 May 2015
Location: Budapest IX. Pipa utca 4 (Medence Group Studio)

Vernissage: 21 May 2015, 7pm Exhibition open: 22-23 May 2015, 4pm-8pm.

The National Textbook Committee is coming up with yet another one-week workshop-exhibition. Consisting of high school students and pre-registered visitors, the committee is going to build a collection of stereotypes concerning Hungary and the Hungarians, all arranged in the form of a bulletin board and maquettes of imaginary memorials. The basis of these works is provided by the stereotypes previously amassed from the participants’ personal network of foreign aquaintances. Also prior to the workshop-exhibition, coached by their history teachers, students from collaborating schools get the chance to take a closer look at the available foreign textbooks and delve into the array of narratives relating to Hungarians.
A main product of the ‘National Textbook’ projekt, which has been developing from 2009, will be a collage book containing visual and textual information on Hungarians and their history, cut from foreign textbooks (from countries mentioned in one of the most popular official Hungarian history textbook), arranged and stuck in chronological order.
Another major output of the multi-year project will be the website incorporating the edited and translated Hungarian text of the collage book, along with source texts and pictures from the original textbooks, as well as the documentation of the workshops, making it all available for everyone.

Collaborating institutions:
League of Independent Art Spaces, Szilágyi Erzsébet Secondary School of Budapest, Medence Group, OFF Biennale Budapest 2015

National Textbook Committee 2015:
Júlia Csernovszky (1992) graphic designer student (MKE)
Réka Kenéz (1987) curator (Szatyor Gallery)
Zsolt Keserue (1968) artist, project leader
Renáta Kovács (1981) history-Latin teacher (Szilagyi Erzsébet Secondary School)

Stereotype Committee 2015: 
Tímea Busch, Linda Császár, Dóra Diószeghy, Dávid Kirsch, Rebeka Korsós, Juli László, Gellért Nagy, Dániel Sófalvi, Dániel Szepesi, Csaba Szigeti, Álmos Szirmai, Bálint Záhonyi Corresponding members : Alexandra Török, Levente Kovács, Veronika Ősz