National Textbook Phase 3 2014

workshop: 15-16 April 2014. Szombathely, NYME
exhibition: 8 May 2014, Pécs, M21 Gallery, “Private Nacionalism” (curators: Rita Varga , Márton Pacsika )

Partners and supporters:
Közelítés Művészeti Egyesület (Pécs),
Visegrad Fund, Culture 2007-13,
Független Képzőművészeti Tanszék,
Zakar István,

The task of the students was to make up maquettes commemorating the dystopic disappearance of Hungary, based on stereotypes collected from their personal network of foreign acquaintances. The resulting compilation, together with the products of the preceding Phase 2, was displayed at the international exhibition ‘Private Nationalism’ in Pécs.